toyota prius hybrid 2013 in pakistan

A amazing hybrid car in pakistan which has paid sub sity by pakistani goverment very cool model .
Indus Motors intend to release this car to the showrooms during the third quarter of the year 2013. July the 1st will be the start of the new quarter. So as soon as the third quarter starts, we should expect the introduction of Indus Prius Hybrid any moment in Pakistan. If Government of Pakistan is unable to finalize their strategy regarding the implementation of duty on these cars, the company might delay the introduction of Prius Hybrid. If duty is not imposed, then a major drop in price is expected. Babar S. Khan mentioned that price of Toyota Hybrid in Pakistan will depend on policy of Government of Pakistan. Last Government reduced the duty on Hybrid cars by 25%. New Government is formed in Pakistan earlier this week. It has been indicated in new Government’s policies that complete exemption of duty on Hybrid cars imported in Pakistan might be considered in order to control the on-going energy crisis in the country. So price of Toyota Hybrid cars in Pakistan really is dependent upon the structure of duty imposed on cars by the Government.
Indus Motors to Introduce Toyota Prius Hybrid Car in Pakistan
Toyota Prius 2010

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