New Car Tech: 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Even though the new S-Class could have been first out of the gate, Mercedes decides to take a pass on autonomous driving, for now.

This is the fututre of s-class mercedes-Benz. it look like a future luxery jouny. This is very creative desing by  s-class mercedes-Benz i like this becase this have more future and system fully automatic car .
Distronic Plus Steering Assistance System

Steering Assist is the optimum addition to DISTRONIC PLUS proximity control, a system which helps with maintaining the desired distance from another vehicle in front. This is because Steering Assist also provides additional support when it comes to directional stability – namely lateral lane guidance for your car.

Through targeted steering intervention, it keeps you on the correct course and prevents you from unintentionally drifting out of your lane.

 DISTRONIC PLUS maintain desire distance from other car when u not concentrete on the car but  DISTRONIC PLUS  is mantain your distance from other car in rage 0-200 km/h.

 The new steer assist helps the driver by keeping the vehicle in the centre of the lane even in slight bends. 

At speeds of up to 200 km/h the stereo camera identifies the lanes and passes this signal to the electric steering.
The vehicle remains in its lane and prevents the driver from inadvertently approaching the lane markings.

When the vehicle is travelling slowly the system can base its calculations on the car in front. Even if lane markings are unclear or non-existent.

In bumper-to-bumper traffic for example, when the traffic opens up the system can prevent accidental overtaking on the right beginning at 80 km/h.

To do so the radar sensors detect cars driving in the faster lane and adjust the vehicle speed accordingly. Below this treshold the car can overtake on the right with a small difference in speeds.

World's First All-Light Emitting Diode Car
The knowlage is that the frist car which whole light work on diode bulbs which take less power and give lage light's.This beem of light are emitted by less power thats why this techonology is very fantastic for wold globel worming.