2012 Citroen DS4 Elegant and Unique

2012 Citroen DS4 - Elegant and Unique

2012 Citroen DS4 - Front Angle, 1

The 2012 Citroen DS4 is a new model with a multitude of talents, effortlessly responding to a broad range of owners' needs, while enhancing the appeal and vitality of the driving experience combines sophistication and refinement a dynamic coupe body, the creation of extraordinary versatility and everyday practice in a compact design - 4.27m (l), 1.81m (w) and 1.53 m (h). Interior designers of French automaker spiffed essentially more luxurious cabin materials and decorative elements of the standard C4 hatch, while providing personalization options, such as choice of five leather combinations, including two shades.

2012 Citroen DS4 - Rear Angle, 5

2012 Citroen DS4 - Interior
All engines offer a powerful combination of performance - including a new unit Citroën 200 hp gasoline - and ecologically sensitive automobile. New Citroën HDi-e emissions, for example, offer greater fuel economy and CO2 emissions.