Bentley Continental GT Speed 2013

For Good wood Festival this season that will come out June 28 and can Earliest to United Kingdom Bentley unveiled a few images ahead of time, showing a new Mark vii GT type that will debut at the show this year.  
The speed of the Bentley Continental GT usually nicknamed the year 2013, new future life style revealed on your title and the name of the function.Under the hood of the speed is greater than an edition of place to listen to the operator in the Bentley Continental GT 2012 and Continental GTC even said earlier this year. Normally the 6-litre W12 modified, twin-engined turbocharged engine with the help of 48 valves now offers 616 HP at 6000 rpm with 589 lb - ft of torque.  
Combined with completely new ZF 8 speed capable of producing quick and imperceptible speed by using the Adaptive command variations, produces next software system Bentley can go from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds and has a speed theres first Prime Minister 205 mph (329 km/h). While the power has increased considerably, the new gearbox is able to increase energy efficiency, pollution reduction in CO2 levels also as expected to keep the GT speed in the same benefits of your startup time frame that includes a new system of bowels, some type of drop cruise height and address improved by order. 
 The revolutionary model is based on a list of 21-inch speed of the trailer wheels with tyres Pirelli PZero 275/35R21 of ultra high performance for golf for extra adhesion, improved management and speed.Standard features also includes all-wheel drive long term products and a Torsen differential in which improves stability even more.As regards aesthetics discern any fair speed itself within the Continental GT, but some splashing in the color table dark content minor design of air in the bumper, in addition to the grille and performed "foundations" of exhaust exhaust help generating a difference between current models.Inside a little time to reveal sport do not any commitment with offering the exact same treatment and level of comfort as expected normally to a Bentley with the cabin thus transferred art as the best authentic materials used to meet the standards of the very demanding perspective. 
We hope to see this Bentley Continental GT speed the year 2013 between the 28 and June 1, even in July in France if you invested in tickets for your event, over time we hope to learn more about how the latest prices and availability.