Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3

During a vacation in that weekend day 1 Nürburgring ADAC Zurich has demonstrated that it can be still as hard as always, Aston Martin led effectively a valuable test for their innovative - 2012 V12 Vantage GT3 car auto, while its technological know-how more computers than nationality of client department created three podiums in two groups.In collaboration with its motorsport Aston Martin arm, running, long and another medium, fresh driver AMR, Aston Martin team inserted a couple of V12 Vantage GT3 directly that the majority of the exhausting endurance race for the new development of the super Vantage-based. 
Participated in the circuit of Nürburgring one day each year since 2006, this would be the first foray of any brand in the region leading SP9 GT3 cars, making this Aston Martin ambitious campaign almost entire saga of 24 hours a day. 
 Two of these vehicles has reached release largely free of blame for what at a competitive price in the evening and after tomorrow, no more than the minor niggles worked for example own soft booty possess specifications normally a front air splitter. Development covered 5000 kilometers between them more than 20 hours - of very valuable data in the process and the team acquired the decision to relax the two vehicles until the final lap of the race.
 After winning the SP8 course twice due to the fact of 2006, Aston Martin is really very revealing sound hopeful. Rating performance reinforced this kind of hope at the time that the car of #005 third to simple time is classified as #85 was faster than high school. One huge enough important 24 hours could lead to two cars, none of both treat any technical critical illness despite the reflex or harm to the environment in the Nordschleife circuit. None of the eight amateur pilots had built without complications, wood had cultivated time persistent today who has come to the beginning of the Monday morning. 
Acquisition of lapping the circuit times any #005 V12 Zagato has completed an effective University second and 26 in total, while the #85 Vantage GT4 135 hour to complete 1 / 3 in class just behind the Zagato and 33 in total. Aston Martin direct result podium finally came through the Cabinet of client, Adam Race team. Winner of the SP10 class completely, Adam horse racing team was on track to run on several occasions its realization until an accident shortly after a point halfway. Team of professionals could repair body affected, allowing Vantage GT4 so you can get to the arena and the conflict in a class and eventually more. Steve King, Aston Martin's Director of Motorsport, is pleased by the performance of all four vehicles: "number one in this race in particular get our cars here is where hula kept all our 100% finish catches at the Nürburgring day and get absolutely achieved that." The goal could get our Zagato V12 program more podiums Vantage GT4, we have also achieved.
The ultimate goal was to ensure that we have achieved a great deal very strong in the market with GT3 cars. We knew that we could not have a good works with these, but the majority of people learned much more in the car / truck and routine this weekend. It has been a great example of teamwork and the interest of men and women make exclusive Aston Martin.Darren Turner generally emphasized the situation of the group that is doing with its V12 Vantage GT3: "see the Zagato crossed the line next to the two main GT3 cars was simply fantastic". Now we have learned a lot about motor vehicles this weekend. Each of these GT3 had a small amount of questions throughout the race, when the car seems to run smoothly, it was very strong and we had good speed. 

We will be taking a lot of this year to bring it up next year. » Aston Martin Top dog Dr. Ulrich Bez, who exactly enjoyed an honor to line the inner edge V12 Zagato, said: «very well have seen the car #005 last week '. We've had a race without mistakes for which the people of the Vantage GT4 had pleasure and even managed a good result at the same time. Aston Martin in competition listed here for 90 years and seven of the all ends career