A new teaser for Renault Clio 4

The first teaser of the new generation Renault Cio 4 last year, it is a detail of the facade, where a massive logo dominates on a small grill in the new concept introduced by Renault DeZir.

Since then, various rumors have Appeared in the press, information and spy photos and renderings, so spirits are quite agitated before Paris Motor Show 2012, where the new Renault Clio 4 will debut officially make. For now, the French endurance test us with a teaser image - back where the bottom line is Observed side windows, and some arrest.

It Seems that the new Renault Clio Relies on integration solution for door handle rear window frame, Which would give to Clio to design sporty, coupe style, prominent edge. In other words, the new Clio 4 will raise serious life-style claims.

In size, the new Clio will Increase in length by 2 cm, reaching 4.5 meters, but the whole mass will be less. Fuel consumption and CO2 Emissions Will Be Reduced With The adoption in some Stop & Start system for the range of engines and trim Levels will be unusually rich for a small class.