Semi-Autonomous, -Self-driving BMW

Selfdriving BMW

BMW ConnectedDrive Your ad (CDC) Connect the system to conduct semi-autonomous, and has just released a new video of him in action. Four types of banking sensors, radars and cameras, laser scanners and ultrasonic sensors for distance, § Be aware of the vehicle environment. Watch the video.
"However, when Auto Sense behind the tortoise One lane open without knowing where to safely combine speeds of up to 130 one km / h (81 mph). If there is an opening, vehicle system respond in this way, pass the slower vehicle and return your original way alone.
As Dr. Nico Kaempchen explains. "Our main challenge was to develop algorithms that can handle situations Brand new in principle, the system works on all the roads we have agreed in advance with [a] centimeter accuracy." The CDC said a vehicle saying "It attaches a traffic" and glue speed limits. "

Self-driving BMW