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 Violence and appearance are the main exporter of sports cars only park. Not hot or Afterschool pickup towers, that is all and everything should still feel the car and refined meter. Chevrolet Traverse crossover utility vehicle has been for all of life, and the loading space and comfort massagers, and a leader in safety standards inside the classroom. No AIS traveled emblematic.
Renewal, and renewal, Traverse 2013 shows a new exterior design. SES Nigres sculpted lines and accents include Ft Flexx large grille headlights and taillights and chrome accents mutate With fog lights and LT of Waltz.
Beautifully tailored selection Traverse 2013 has redefined inside. On various building materials soft-touch surfaces on the dashboard and door panels. Ambient lighting illuminates interior subtly. Fragile barriers adjustable to allow for customized fit while you are driving. News stunning used as accents the interior with stitching and different interior trim on the Wood in LT and Waltz. 2013 Traverse elevator interior appearance and comfort without compromising the breadth of the gospel throughout.
Drivers enjoy the best year yet with the class maximum luggage space, 116.3 cubic feet2, or up to eight adults and massagers in LS LT. There are more than three positions behind the line of any competitor in its Group miquel. And as always Traverse was designed drivers safety in mind and their relatives, Traverse 2013 continues to rely on technology and its predecessor premium safety and innovative features.