2012 car modification industry in China.

10 years ago SUV drivers is fashionable, five years ago LiangXiang open car is vogue, now a convertible sports car or cross-border car is also a fashion. Five years later what car to drive? Is the fashion, its sports car or small MPV will become fashion? The answer seems to not too difficult to capture, fashion and apparel or aware of fengtian's accomplishments than food, stability and regular many. And car life fashion, there's a constant core-" DIY ". Automobile technology, automobile modeling, interior style, and artistic elements...... In "multidimensional" car in vogue, can directly meet love to play the pleasure of car is car modification and auto decoration. Whether pursue the technological fashion, the pursuit of modelling design fashion, or pursue the car of artistic breath after 80 and stylish rider, DIY belong to their own fashion, the maximum grasp of the ego style create initiative, enjoy the unique pleasant sensation, people having to his taste, each had its music that is key. Beginning in 2011, the author QiCheJie reading four fashion trend, looking for a car after the market popular direction, mining the unlimited business opportunities. Senior car of movement, some years ago already appear, in the past year to accelerate the run. New JunWei, to think black, Wallace went platinum and other types of business USES mainly male named luxury-class passenger new vigor into the field, and further the senior cars into private consumption market. No doubt, in 2011 the movement is still the most important car senior field trend, more and more new models will join, such as dongfeng yueda kia K5, new SuoNaDa, more and more senior car owners of individual character and reveal itself be fond of, as well as the sports car, born of the essence. For most people, Main products: car camera, car dvd player and car dvd are with good quality. A safe and comfortable is driving to the first requirements, exercise is icing on things. So senior car market movement trend more on the exterior, interior shows. Car modification and the automobile decoration industry, "the ticket". The industry's development in addition to the design of high-grade car according to the "PeiTaoShi" design, the more remarkable is the essence of fashion trends behind-safe, comfortable. "Recall" in QiCheJie is commonplace, perfume toxic, inferior brake oil into safety killer, tire speed bulge case... 2010 years QiCheJie a "Toyota PAWS door" security incident boomed the wufu Taurus safety cushions, from customers to choose models of the trend, the owner of the requirements of the higher life quality, safety and comfortable standard in addition to the requirements of the senses, and psychological needs. Whether QiCheJie or after the car market, although crisis, but in a crisis turn to see big mining business opportunities Although cross boundary in the QiCheJie has become common practice, but today's mainstream or cars and suvs cross boundary. But will the car and SUV, sports cars and MPV and so on many kinds of different elements of an mix build cross-border models, are becoming the new trend of automobile design field.