China has become the world's largest auto Car market.

Into the 21st century and since the accession to the WTO, the Chinese automobile industry has undergone tremendous changes in automobile production and sales continued rapid growth. Especially the financial crisis to break the world's inherent pattern of the automobile industry, the emerging economies of China, India, Brazil has become a new Global Automotive Industry Development Centre. China's auto market rose from 2.08 million in 2000 to 18.06 million in 2010, average annual growth rate of more than 25% only ten years, in the specific historical circumstances, the Western countries, nearly mid-course. 2011 growth rate of China's overall auto market has declined, from high-growth into the slow growth, but still achieved sales of 18.42 million and 18.51 million for three consecutive years the world's first crown. China's auto market to unprecedented and surprising growth rate, become the focus of world attention. Car ownership in China is less than 20 million in 2001 to 2011; this figure had soared to 110 million. In recent years, China has become the world's largest auto market, prominent and highly sought after by foreign auto giants, while China's auto industry seems to think that the school excited and proud about the hustle and bustle of automotive powerhouse far away from power. However, the reality is unusually cold, but the face of the harsh reality of the way into the vehicle power stagnating ", is a growing market, China's automobile dream of a powerful but lopsided. Moment, regardless of the policy environment, and competitive business environment, and consumer environment, are increasingly restricting the development of China's automobile industry, China is one it can really into the vehicle power crossroads. At present, China's auto industry scattered, chaotic, poor, weak, small pattern has not undergone a fundamental change, and in the industry concentration is low, slow auto upgrade the industrial structure, brand development bottlenecks, a weak effect, did not create well-known global brands. The world's largest car manufacturing country, but by the "betrayal of the market to attract the world's auto giants to enter the territory of China, did not produce commensurate with the Automotive Group. Today, if "12" as the origin of the transition path of China's auto industry The future development of China's automobile industry will face a structural optimization and upgrading of technological progress, the promotion of innovation and a series of arduous tasks. Be linked into S, the power of the engine suddenly wake up is no longer before the languid state. Throttle response is more sensitive, you can follow to quicken its power, the transmission will be instantly aware of the desire you accelerate at full throttle acceleration at the moment the engine speed will quickly jump up, burst out of the melody before breaking the compartments seal, into the car. China's auto industry growth is expected to peak value in 2020. According to conservative estimates, the peak of China's auto output may reach about fifty million, accounting for almost 50 per cent of the global automotive production and sales (Nobel laureate in economics Edward.