China's auto aftermarket in the spurt of development

Car sales and ownership is no longer the general surge like last year, but the huge base, and growth remained surprisingly, China's auto market to spurt and the development trend of the rise undoubtedly. Automotive market, as has always been open to hi arouses fear of the national subsidiary of pillar industries, how will this background in industrial upgrading and adjustment, and thus the formation of a standardized, mature, low-carbon green industrial environment Understandable answer is that the common ideas and efforts of the entire industry. The prospects for the future development of China's auto supplies and trends must be green, environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction, low-carbon model. China's automotive supplies industry as the most active factor - enterprise, who has pioneered the implementation of green management, whoever mastered the initiative of the competition. Green Management, referring to in the production process to reduce the elimination of pollution, resource conservation, green products and services and launched to be the new consumer owners to accept, while expanding green market share, establish a green corporate image, the production of "green" to sell "green" , to give myself a broader space for development. Many of the world famous enterprises to comply with the green trend, the revised strategy for enterprise development, with new management thinking, management came into being. After the birth of the Green Management, has been the attention of entrepreneurs, more and more companies are implementing green management. More than 500 large enterprises in the United States set up a special green management agencies, the full implementation of green management. Chinese automotive supplies industry, with the integration of China and the world, from the Chinese government announced that the 2020 emission reduction targets, the Copenhagen United Nations Climate Change Conference held in 2011, the HC Auto Accessories hand in the automotive supplies (HS) will , government departments, manufacturers, distribution companies, the majority of owners and industry media co-sponsored by the organization of the Green Alliance of automotive supplies, automotive supplies industry, setting off an unprecedented green wave on "Green Management" in the industry, we see a beautiful figure "and" new hope ". Main products:
green as advertised U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the U.S. state of Arizona a test results showed that compared with the vehicle to install the standard stained glass, the use of V-KOOL V-KOOL film test vehicle fuel economy increased by about 3%, In addition to the air conditioning compressor can reduce energy consumption, the environmental contribution each year to reduce approximately 130 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to planted 11 trees a year to environmental effects. WELGO explosion-proof membrane, is a raw product for the environment. The world's more than 20 million vehicles witness, as one of the great invention of the thousand years, Wei solid contribution to the environment has long been beyond the product itself. Their green management model to the Chinese enterprises, especially the automotive supplies business inspiring.