Car civilization goes

Adhere to bring changes in the market is gradually emerging, and that is a quality win. The eve of the Beijing Auto Show, the China Automotive Technology and Research Center, C-NCAP (China New Car Assessment Procedure) Management Center in Beijing released the first batch of 10 model evaluation results of the year 2012, four independent brand of the Great Wall Hover H6, Brilliance H530 models received five-star crash results. In the face of the world’s largest auto market, multinational companies and major domestic car manufacturers have participated in this exhibition, and located in the A-level auto show in Frankfurt, Germany, the United States Detroit, Paris, France, Geneva, Switzerland, Japan Tokyo Motor Show par. The positioning of the A-class auto show is to highlight the brand reputation of the car manufacturers, car culture, as well as high-end automotive technology. However, this auto show new car show, Cars more than the car itself, causing the dispute. Tangible car market branch of China Automobile Dealers Association executive vice president Su Hui, “Over the years, one of the characteristics of the domestic auto show car models prevalent, this is an inevitable phenomenon in the process of China’s motorization. Thousands of people have the number of vehicles calculated in accordance with the general, China has just started to enter the automotive society. Complete this process, only less than 20 years, Europe and the United States and other developed countries after the course of nearly a hundred years. The short-term focus on the outbreak, rational Chinese auto consumption and appreciation of the culture have not been able to keep up with the pace car use. With the advent of the automobile society, automobile society facing the development of energy, environment, transportation and other problems have become increasingly severe, and how to cultivate the mature automotive consumer culture has become a top priority. Chief expert of China Automotive Technology and Research Center, Wong Wing and said that in recent years, very irrational automotive consumer behavior will also affect the harmonious development of the automobile society. Large displacement of the car, SUV car has gradually increased, similar to the pursuit of “luxury” and “conspicuous consumption makes of car consumption structure is irrational, in fact, mature car culture in Italy and Japan, people are more inclined to driving small car. ” It should be said that the rapid spread of car is an inevitable trend of the upgrading of China’s consumption and improved living standards in developed countries to enter the automobile society also face transportation,Main products: car dvd player, car gps and car dvd are with good quality. energy and environmental issues. In fact, the energy and environmental issues can contribute to the development of new energy automotive industry, traffic problems will lead to intelligent transportation technologies, including car networking technology development. Development of the automobile culture, to build a more harmonious automobile society This show is not only a new challenge also demonstrated a new opportunity.