SoCal Gas Field Testing Natural Gas ‘Fueling Station in a Box’

he move toward ever-larger numbers of natural gas vehicles requires a variety of fueling solutions.
Clean Energy has been busy providing fueling stations for fleet and public use, plus building a ‘Natural Gas Highway’ along major highway corridors. Many Honda Civic Natural Gas owners have compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling appliances in their garage.
Now Southern California Gas Co. has launched a field demonstration of the Galileo Microbox, what’s described as a streamlined compressed natural gas ‘fueling station in a box’.
According to SoCal Gas, modular fueling station technologies like this contain all the primary components for a refueling facility in a single, factory integrated enclosure the size of a small shipping container. That, in turn, offers the potential for lower construction and maintenance costs, minimal installation time, and a smaller physical footprint.
The Microbox is being used for the first time in the U.S. at the SoCal Gas Riverside, California customer service base, providing customers CNG at about $2 per gasoline gallon equivalent.