Opel Teases With Early Details on its Battery Electric ‘One Euro Car’

GM’s European Opel brand aims to shake things up at the 64th Frankfurt International Motor Show with a battery electric concept it dubs the ‘One Euro Car.’ It’s so-named because of the claimed ability to travel 100 kilometers (62 miles) for the cost of a single Euro, the equivalent of about $1.38. That’s pretty cheap driving to be sure.
The brand’s motivation is said to be inspired by its success with the Ampera extended range electric vehicle, the Opel variant of the Chevy Volt. The revolutionary One Euro Car concept is quite unlike the Ampera, though, with its tandem driver/passenger placement and exclusive battery powered propulsion.
Opel’s goal was to develop a new class of lightweight electric vehicle to promote zero-emission urban motoring. It has certainly accomplished this with its new two-seat concept.
The One Euro Car would use 10 times less energy than a typical small car and weigh in about a third less. It would also offer full functionality and a top speed of 75 mph (120 km/h). The automaker envisions a low-speed variant limited to 28 mph, or 45 km/h, which could be driven by drivers as young as 16 years old.