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2011 Volvo S60 T6 AWD Sedan When the Volvo S60 debuted 10 age ago with its muscular revolve arches and sweeping roofline, the atom and refreshing departure from the old box on wheels, to be replaced. But 10 eld is a stressed moment, and this modelling was in hopeless penury of a redesign in several years. Then Redesigned 2011 Volvo S60 is the antepenultimate man and the result of a car again anticipate that the magical is in line-up of the associate.

Supported on the short level for Volvo S80, Redesigned 2011 Volvo S60 new media is still on the fine pull for a mid-size car reach. But it is an inch someone boilersuit, 2 inches wider and has 2.3-inch-longer wheelbase than before. Part 2011 Volvo S60 you’ll gain coy, but an exquisite and contemporary figure that also Volvo’s earmark “floating” object console window. Low the cutis, the outlook of the 2011 Volvo S60 a greater confinement to faster disc direction and selection of options including sports dangling statesman tightly label writing dubbed “dynamic” adaptative as Volvo’s “Four-C falsification.

The companionship is legendary for business harmless cars has not forgotten his roots. As specified, it boasts the 2011 Volvo S60, the newest developments in the bingle of walker discovery discipline titled glutted inspiration car. This grouping has the power to discover pedestrians, there are at slightest 31 inches adenoidal, so he practical booming brake to refrain striking, flush if you do aught. At berth speeds (around 21 km / h or lower), can alter this car to a arrest, time the higher speeds, it slows trailing the 2011 Volvo S60 to lengthways around.

2011 Volvo S60 will initially be disposable only in top-of-the-line, most businesslike “T6? appearance, which agency that it sports 300-hp turbo inline-6 and four-wheel get. Subsequent in the simulate twelvemonth front-wheel repulse give be gettable as T5 T6 neatness, the latter a well-known brands turbocharged inline-5 to 227 hp.
2011 Volvo S60

Despite the need that the 2011 Volvo S60, the sporty litter e’er sold, but soothe not just duplication the pleasure of the 2011 BMW 3 Periodical or Infiniti G37. But many buyers are author involved in a benignant of pleasure, serenity and gracious travel, the Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz CL-Class. 2011 Volvo All-New S60 Sedan for them to be clever, stately choice. It took a patch, but Volvo is finally back in the business.

2011 Volvo S60


From $37,700

Stunning is the only way to describe our 2011 Volvo S60 test car as we approach, keys in hand. Sixty miles later, we’re still thinking about how sleek and sophisticated the redesigned S60 looks. This is a good start. Other points in the new S60’s favor include a strong turbocharged six-cylinder engine, smooth ride quality and leading-edge safety technology. Notably, the 2011 Volvo S60 is the first car to enter the market with an optional pedestrian detection system that spots real, live humans and automatically applies the brakes to help you avoid colliding with them.
Although Volvo is keen to emphasize that the 2011 Volvo S60 T6 AWD is also the sportiest sedan it has ever built, this new S60 still isn’t going to change your mind about buying the similarly sized and priced BMW 3 Series or Infiniti G37, at least not if you’re looking for thrills on back roads. It is, however, a fine alternative to middle-of-the-road cars like the Acura TL, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class, especially if you’re drawn to its avant-garde design or legendary Volvo safety.


Initially, the 2011 Volvo S60 will come only with a six-cylinder engine. Known as the T6, this turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder is the most potent engine Volvo has ever offered in the S60. It’s rated at 300 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission with sport and manual shift modes is standard, as is all-wheel drive. A front-wheel-drive model won’t be offered at launch, but Volvo will add one in early 2011, along with a second, more fuel-efficient engine option.
Step on the gas pedal and the 2011 Volvo S60 T6 AWD moves out briskly. Overtaking other cars on the freeway is effortless, and Volvo’s claimed 6.2-second 0-60-mph time should be right on target. The engine delivers its power in a smooth, aurally pleasing manner, and the six-speed automatic shifts smoothly, too. Fuel economy is average compared with other six-cylinder models in this class, with projected EPA mileage ratings of 17 city and 26 highway mpg.
Three different suspension programs are available on the 2011 S60 T6 AWD. The standard setup is called “Dynamic” and is meant to give the S60 a sporting character. Buyers wanting more compliance over potholed highways can opt for the less aggressive “Touring” setup for no extra charge. If you want the best of both worlds, there’s the optional Four-C adaptive suspension, which has driver-selectable “Comfort,” “Sport” and “Advanced” settings.
Our S60 T6 AWD test car had the Dynamic setup, along with standard 18-inch all-season tires (17s are also available). We wouldn’t call it a sport sedan, but handling is sure-footed and it’s easy to find a groove as you go from corner to corner. The steering has a nice weight to it (not too heavy) and feels precise as you enter cloverleaf freeway ramps.

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2011 Volvo S60 Sedan Review

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2011 Volvo S60 Sedan
Volvo S60 sedan is definitely an entry-level high class or a compact executive vehicle of Sweden cars. The 2011 Volvo S60 is different from anything the car maker has made previously, this new automobile comes with a stylish design, dynamic driving properties, innovative technologies and as you’d expect from Volvo ground breaking safety standards. The New S60 Volvo 2011 is more sculpted, with curvier headlights, broader shoulders, dramatic hood creases plus a more upscale look overall.
The newest Volvo S60 looks and drives like no other Volvo before and the automobile’s technology can allow you to to become more secure and more assured behind the wheel,” says Stephen Odell, president and CEO of Volvos cars. The 2011 Volvo S60 could be pre-loaded with pedestrian detection – a ground breaking safety feature that may detect people on the streets in front of the automobile and brake immediately in the event the driver doesn’t react soon enough.
Volvo S60 has been released with a range of exterior colors which include a couple of new tones: vibrant copper and electrum gold. This Volvo automobile is a rather beautiful vehicle in the metal. It is a refreshing departure from the geometric styling formula used by the S40 and S80. The main character line flows down the side of the S60 in a gentle wave, complementing the quick roof line.
s60 interior
Inside, the newest S60 strikes one as more functional as compared to luxurious in its atmosphere, but it’s difficult to find fault with its carefully considered ergonomics and orthopedically designed seats. The S60 interior is lavish when it comes to its driver-oriented details, but it’s still a 5-seater sedan giving comfy space for anyone its passengers. The sculpted outer rear seats give the passenger in the middle welcome side support. Knee space in the rear seat has increased by 30 mm compared with the prior model S60. The rear seat splits 40/60 and the boot opening has been made 107 mm wider than in the prior model S60. The sporty interior of the all-new S60 is also one of the most superior high-tech environment ever supplied to a Volvo driver.
Throughout its first year of production, the all-new Volvo S60 sedan is going to be offered with a number of diesel and gasoline engines spanning the range from an economical 85 kw drive model to a high-performance turbocharged T6 petrol engine producing 224 kw. These engines are all coupled to either a six-speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission. 0-litre petrol engine has been improved primarily because of decrease internal friction. It now produces 224kw and 440 nm of torque. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h takes 6.5 seconds before hitting a top speed of 250 km/h. While producing more power, Volvo engineers have succeeded in slicing fuel consumption by about 10 p.c to 10.2 litres per 100km.
Just like all Volvos cars, the S60 includes a bunch of safety features. Volvo’s City Safety, which automatically applies the brakes to reduce the damage from or completely eliminate crashes under 18 mph, is standard. The latest pedestrian detection system can apply full braking power to reduce the force of a accident with a pedestrian at speeds up to 21 mph. Additionally, the newest S60 can be obtained with driver alert control, a blind spot warning system, lane departure warning, and several airbags.
vovlo s60 2011
Listed below are the autocar reviewers reports concerning the 2011 Volvo S60
Motor Authority – At first look, the brand new S60 features definite coupe-like proportions, accompanied by strong shoulders, which together give it a glance that’s much like the design of the Jaguar XF. There are, nevertheless, lots of distinctive components such as the standard Volvo grille and sculptured headlamps that can assist the vehicle battle it out in one of the industry toughest segments.