How much money can I save on fuel costs by buying a hybrid automobile?

How much you will save on fuel costs by driving a hybrid car instead of a non-hybrid depends on several factors including how much you drive, the cost of gas and how long you plan to keep your car. If you compare the Honda Civic Hybrid to the Civic non-hybrid, for example, at $2/gallon you'd save $100/year for every 10,000 miles. This is based on a difference of 10 MPG between the two cars. If your new hybrid got 20 MPG over your conventional car, all other factors remaining the same, you'd save $250/year. Whether or not you will save as much on fuel costs as the additional cost of a hybrid automobile will be based on the previous factors mentioned as well as which hybrid automobile you buy. For a comparison to the current models, take the Fuel Cost Savings Test.