Top 10 Electric Cars

1. Tesla Roadster

If you have enough money and you are a passionate car collector then hurry up for this “Green Device” as the production is limited. This marvelous two seater with 6’831 laptop batteries costs about $100’000. The waiting list for next year is already full. This fast road machine can zip from 0-60 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, shockingly pulling a weight of 2’700 pound of vehicle itself beside passengers. The only problem yet is its one gear transmission, thus reducing acceleration to 5.9 seconds. But Tesla Motors are looking forward to redesign technology to overcome current short comings.

2. Toyota Plug-in Hybrid

Actually Toyota Motors is still on the roads to develop an advanced version of their own famous “Prius”. The name of the upcoming New Electric car is not yet announced by manufacturers so they call it as Plug-in hybrid term. They have a clear sketch of the futuristic car called Toyota Hybrid-X and their firm plans suggest its completion by 2010.

Special workings are done on Lithium-Ion batteries near to the one are used widely in laptop computers. On-board gasoline engine is installed similarly as well. But expectations from this electric car are so high as to beat the record of plug-in Prius’s i-e 62 miles on batteries. So, guys tight up your seat belts to welcome this vehicle.
Plug-in Toyota Prius can run good 10 miles just on batteries alone. The price is not formally announced but are expected around $28’000 to 30’000.

3. Chevy Volt

Chevy volt is fortunately making good name in auto market and people from all around the world, especially US customers are impatient to see it running on roads. This 4 seated Sedan of General Motors is an outstanding work of engineering and technology. This product will cost around $30’000 each which is pretty reasonable. It is designed to run 40 miles completely on batteries.

Afterwards, 1 liter gasoline will automatically be utilized to recharge the batteries. Nowadays, General Motors is working majorly on different materials in order to replace old-type nickle-metal-hydride batteries. Their current favorite is T-shaped batteries stacked with Manganese oxide. Interiors contain an iPad technology with touch screen display navigation, control of the charging including your entertainment needs above all.

4. Fisker Karma

If you are rich and really love your planet, this pretty toy like car is just made for you. This electric car is awesome in terms of shape, style and features. This remarkable road rocket is the creation of Henrik Fisker. Hopefully comes in second half of 2010, costs about $80-87000 and expected to go 125 mph with 50 miles on just battery power. It is sexy in appearance and gorgeous to drive, might become a dream sports car of many.

5. Aptera Typ-1

An initial investment of $500 deposit for those living in Southern California only gets the honor to be the Owner of this air jet like car. Your name will be registered in the waiting list. A Novel designs different having mini diesel engine along with power batteries. Moreover, this electric car can run to a range of 600 miles. The very first version is expected to roll on the roads this year with a 120 mile range. The drive in Aptera Typ-1 electric car will definitely make you feel in the space age.

6. Venture Electric Car

One can bluntly say that this electric car will make you laugh on first look and how would it feel during drive is still a surprise or funny experience. A wind turbine is placed to catch any possible wind, which adds a 30-mile expected range to its 30mph. this plug-in car is further loaded with a solar panel at top supporting energy systems. 200 cars will be produced initially for limited run. Actual production will be started next year according to Company’s announcement.

It looks like an accessorized Golf Cart and there are chances of objections on its design by local people. An electric car should look modern and fast in all aspects. It could cost about $31’000.

7. City Zenn

Its makers states that this electric car as “longer lasting, lighter, more powerful and environment friendly”. In comparison with other battery operated class mates. Only a 5 minute recharge time is required for its powerful batteries to make it run on 250 miles – that’s amazing.

Zenn made by makers settled in Toronto. Formerly in 2007, they successfully made cars with speed commonly termed as “neighborhood electric cars”. Now the company is on the way to produce much faster green vehicles powered by “ULTRACAPACITOR” made by EEStor. As the makers claim to come up with a vehicle with No Noise and No Emissions, beating environmental pollution along with Sound pollution. Being nature friendly is good, but this car would be a bit dangerous for blinds. The makers are proud for their all-electrical energy storage unit of this stylish car.

8. Th!nk OX

This electric car can easily travel at 62mph noticeably 100 miles on charge or more. Th!nk Ox is first 5 seater electric car designed by a Norway based company which was formerly a part of Ford Motors. So, expectations are quiet high for this electric car. The accurate prices and launch date is not confirmed till now. But the good news is that General Electronics has invested heavily in Lithium-Ion battery producers A123 Systems. The batteries of this car will be supplied by them.

9. Nissan Electric Car

Nissan has shifted their entire focus on producing electric cars. There are not many details about this car other than its pictures and price which is $22000 – 25000 and expected to run 100 miles on one charge. The company is looking forward to launch this electric car in US market first in 2010. The month of launch is not confirmed yet.

10. BMW’s Mini Electric Car

Green Vehicle or Electric car fever is spreading everywhere. Now our favorite BMW is in the race as well with its 2009 Mini E Limited is on test bed. General Production is still under process. Though it’s a small cute branded car but its price and technology details are still under cover. BMW Group will definitely come up with an extraordinary design and mind blowing engineering, so wait for updates on their E Series.