audi a8 2010

Eight-speed Automatic Tiptronic Transmission

Power is transmitted via the new shift-by-wire eight-speed Tiptronic®transmission. With optimally spread gear ratios that produce dynamic acceleration, the eight-speed transmission also helps reduce fuel consumption by an estimated 6 percent when compared to a six-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to its innovative design and optimal gear layout, the weight of the transmission has not been increased over the previous six-speed transmission.
4.2 FSI® V8 engine [1]
The A8 delivers performance and handling typically reserved for cars half its size. It all starts with the 4.2 FSI® V8 engine. Thanks to FSI® technology, the 4.2 is powerful, responsive and offers impressive fuel efficiency. FSI® injects a highly precise amount of fuel into the engine cylinders that is perfectly matched to the volume of air. Within the cylinder, the specially designed piston heads compress the fuel-air mixture, creating a spiraling effect. The result is the most efficient combustion possible. Making the most of the fuel and air combustion results in maximum efficiency and responsive power at any RPM.
quattro® with available Sport Rear Differential [2]
Permanent all-wheel drive systems are not created equal. And they certainly don’t perform that way, either. quattro is essentially a mechanical system devised around a torque-sensing, self-locking, center differential that shifts torqueinstantaneously to where it’s needed. This means quattro is adjusting power between front and rear axles more than 100 times a second, helping ensure torque is delivered to the wheels where traction exists. Under normal driving situations, quattro distributes the power between each axle by sending 40 percent to the front wheels and 60 percent to the rear wheels, enhancing the driving dynamics while helping maintain optimum control. Constantly assessing grip, quattro ensures the best possible combination of traction and handling, regardless of the road conditions.
quattro with Sport Rear Differential additionally senses which rear wheel to deliver an optimum level of torque. Specifically, it directs most of the power to the outer rear wheel to help steer the car through the corner. This reduces understeer, common among other all-wheel drive systems, and creates the true sportscar handling found in an Audi.
Servotronic® Steering [3]
Handling is further increased by Servotronic® speed sensitive steering. The dynamic technology of this steering system varies the power assistance based on vehicle speed. At low speeds, the steering operates with a high degree of power assist and the steering is extremely direct, requiring minimal turns of the wheel from lock to lock. It is these flawless shifts of Servotronic® that add an extra layer of performance to the A8.
Audi Drive Select [4]
Progressive Audi technology flourishes with hundreds available vehicle handling and performance combinations thanks to Audi drive select. Whether you prefer the smooth, luxurious ride of Comfort mode or the more direct and firmer responses of Dynamic mode, Audi drive select allows you to tailor the vehicle to your liking. The result is a driving experience that ensures your A8 always performs to your preferences.
Adaptive Air Suspension
A8 handling is even more evolved with the standard adaptive air suspension. It’s designed to react to driving forces nearly instantaneously producing a comfortable, responsive ride in any driving condition. Additionally, body roll and pitch are reduced by increasing damping through corners and under braking, resulting in a composed and responsive ride. For optimal personalization, adaptive air suspension offers four modes to select from, Auto, Dynamic, Comfort, and Lift. Depending on the mode and vehicle speed, the suspension can lower the body up to 1”.
Advanced BrakingThe new A8 has a braking system that is carefully engineered for maximum heat dissipation and low weight. All four discs are internally ventilated, with stainless steel pins connecting the front friction plates and brake pistons made from aluminum. This sport-inspired concept is new to the luxury class and saves up to 10.5 lbs. per wheel, and makes the brakes less sensitive to fading under extreme lead. The wheel range also underscores the powerful character of the new Audi A8, with the 4.2 FSI running on light-weight 19" alloys wrapped in all season tires

Holistic Safety Systems
Safety is integrated in every aspect of the Audi A8. From the passive safety of ASF® with high-strength, lightweight alloys in critical areas, to the latest in advanced driver assist technology, we have integrated multiple levels of safety features to mitigate the unexpected.
When prevention isn’t enough, the combination of crumple zones and high-strength aluminum helps deliver a tremendous level of protection for the driver and passengers. Crumple zones, at the front and rear of the vehicle, are designed to dissipate the energy and force of a collision by deforming upon impact.
A full complement of ten standard airbags provide an additional measure of safety. They include front-impact airbags for the driver and passenger and are designed to help protect the head. Seat-mounted, side-impact airbags for the front seat occupants are designed to help protect the thorax in a collision. And the side-curtain airbags offer front and rear occupants head protection in the event of a side collision or rollover.
Audi pre sense
The A8 offers the latest, most advanced safety systems designed to help protect you in the event of an accident while also helping to avoid them in the first place. At the heart of this technology is Audi pre sense.
All A8 models are equipped with standard Audi pre sense. This system offers a collection of integrated systems that will initiate vehicle responses according to driver inputs and vehicle behaviors. These systems work together to add safety and security to the driver proactively warning you of approaching danger. Once danger is detected, the system takes preventative measures to reduce the severity of certain types of collisions.
As a part of the optional Driver Assist package, Audi pre sense plus offers additional safety measures by utilizing Audi adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, Audi lane assist as well as Audi side assist. These advanced technologies work in concert to monitor traffic and alert the driver to potential danger in four phases. Warnings first come through optical and acoustic signals, and then through a series of controlled partial and full brake assists in order to reduce the severity of the impeding collision. When a collision scenario is detected from the rear, seats and headrests are adjusted for maximum support. Additional protection comes from the pneumatic seat side sections that will be inflated while the airbags are pre-conditioned.
Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection [1,2]
Night vision assistant utilizes infrared imaging technology and detects the presence of people and animals up to 1,000 feet away, shown in the night vision display in one of two stages. Once detected, the pedestrian is highlighted in yellow in the color driver information display. If the detected object moves into the path of the vehicle, the system warns the driver audibly and highlights the image in red.
Aluminum Audi Space Frame [3]
The A8 is the first North American car built with the revolutionary Audi Space Frame [ASF®] chassis, a technology Audi invented and has spent over a decade mastering. The aluminum chassis and sheet metal are just as strong as steel, but lighter to boost performance and efficiency, offering class-leading weight savings as well as overall increased body stiffness.
The framework of an ASF body consists of extruded aluminum sections and pressure castings. The frame carries the sheet aluminum elements, such as the roof panel, which helps withstand loads on the body. The elements of ASF are varied in shape and cross-section, depending on the tasks they have to perform. Like the bones of a human skeleton, they combine optimal function with low weight.
The result of ASF technology is a frame that is lightweight yet extremely strong, which delivers high torsional rigidity and optimal performance. Advantages for the driver: greater safety, increased performance, improved handling, and lower fuel consumption.
Audi advanced key [4]
With this advanced keyless entry system, your vehicle can be locked, unlocked and started without removing the key from a pocket or purse. When the key is present, doors can be unlocked, the steering wheel can be released and the vehicle can be turned on without inserting the key into the ignition.
Adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go Function
Adaptive cruise control builds on the functionalities of the cruise control system and within certain system limits, maintains the driver-selected comfort spacing from the vehicle in front automatically. The system uses video cameras along with short- and long-distance special radar sensors to measure the distance to the vehicle ahead, detecting the risk of a frontal collision and issuing a number of warnings. Part of this response includes a partial application of the brakes and if need be, full braking via Audi braking guard.
Side AssistActive at speeds over 19 MPH, Audi side assist monitors blind spots and fast-approaching vehicles at a range of 150 ft. When a vehicle is present within the monitored area, the system warns you via LED lights in the exterior mirrors.
Lane AssistInnovation merges with safety in this unique system that detects when the driver is outside of traffic lanes and sends a warning via a vibrating steering wheel.
The Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP®) helps keep the vehicle traveling in its intended direction by utilizing ABS, the traction control of ASR and the electronic brake force distribution of EBD. Specifically, when ESP detects loss of traction, it automatically cuts the throttle and applies the brakes to help “steer” the vehicle where you intend to go. Braking is automatically applied to each wheel: at the outer front wheel to mitigate oversteer, or the inner rear wheel to mitigate understeer.

Unmistakable Profile and Progressive Design [1]
The A8 is an inspired study of progressive design. The new model is a collection of ideas and technologies that result in a shift of the luxury paradigm. Timeless Audi design principles live on, and in fact, evolve magnificently with the A8. Completely redesigned, the A8 embraces everything that makes the four rings a symbol of progress.
Complementary design elements accentuate the sculpted look of the A8. The distinguished Singleframe® grille has angled corners and chrome flourishes that create contrasting details to the sweeping hood of the A8, enhancing its stature. Distinctive LED headlights boldly declare the arrival of the A8. Contours along the side accentuate its low, sleek profile. From the rear, the wide stance is emphasized by the subtly squared corners. From every angle the A8 is bold.
From the grand concept to the technical minutia, the A8 clearly establishes its position as the new luxury leader.
Full-LED front headlamps [2]The A8 offers the unmistakable appearance of full LED lighting technology. The available LED headlights add drama to the graceful lines. Positioned toward the corners, the LED lights further accentuate the wide, muscular proportions of the A8. Consuming only 40 watts, the high beams, turn signals, daytime running lights and low beams all feature this highly efficient technology while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the A8.
Expressive Wheel Options [3]
The A8 comes with several distinctive wheel options. Whether it’s the progressive design of 19" inch ten-y-spoke, the sleek 20" ten parallel spoke, or the sporty 20" option available on the A8, all complement the overall aesthetic of the A8 while making a strong statement.
Audi Parking System plus with Rearview Camera
This safety-enhancing system integrates a rearview camera for real-time viewing of the rear parking area while front and rear ultrasonic parking sensors measure the distance to the nearest object and audibly warn you when the distance becomes unsafe.
Available Sport Package
For a more sport-oriented look, the Sport Package includes impressive 20" five-tri-spoke wheels with summer performance tires*, which help improve handling and driving dynamics. Also included is Audi adaptive air suspension sport, which has been tuned to deliver a more dynamic ride. quattro® with Sport RearDifferential provides state-of-the-art handling while reducing understeer and creating true sportscar handling. Inside, you'll enjoy 22-way driver and passenger comfort seats with lumbar support, ventilated seats and six-way massage functions. Seats are wrapped in Valcona leather with a sport stitched diamond pattern.

Benchmark Fit and Finish 
The meticulously designed and crafted interior of the all-new A8 creates a sublime cabin environment. The evolution of this luxury benchmark includes hand-selected materials and thoughtful details for maximum luxury, convenience and comfort. Leathers are of the highest quality. Wood inlays are hand burnished, while metallic accents create a tactile experience all their own. No other car offers the comfort and total luxury of the all-new Audi A8. Once approved, tolerances where wood, leather and polished aluminum intersect are stringently controlled and cannot exceed a .2 millimeter variance. The result is an interior that feels solid, welcoming and luxurious.
For a distinct sense of sophistication, the interior trim of the A8 L is comprised of two different textural elements: the lower area features High-Gloss Black trim and the upper element is accented by genuine wood inlays rubbed to a flawless sheen.
In contrast, the sporty look and feel of the A8 is further enhanced by brushed aluminum silver inlays.
MMI® [1,2]
The groundbreaking MMI® is a new level of customized convenience. It utilizes hard and soft keys, as well as dedicated controls for commonly used functions. But it does something else too; it interprets hand-written inputs through a touchpad, a feature that is nothing short of remarkable. Just as you would use your index finger to draw in the sand, you use the MMI® touchpad the same way. Navigation destinations and telephone numbers can now be entered simply by "writing" with your finger on the touchpad. The precise location and size of the gear lever provides the ideal resting place for the driver's wrist so the hand is relaxed when using the MMI® controls.
Also part of the system is an 8" high-resolution display monitor that fluidly emerges from the dash upon vehicle ignition. Voice operation allows the driver to use the system while driving, without distraction from the road. The A8 also offersAudi music interface, 3D navigation, a 20-GB hard drive, and Bluetooth® universal phone preparation.
Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System [3]
The available Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System in the new A8 offers best-in-class audio that is virtually identical to a live concert. Carefully designed around the interior of the A8 for optimal sound delivery, it’s easily accessible through the fully integrated MMI system providing a wide range of customizable features.
Part of the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System’s quality is due to its Acoustic Lens Technology, which reduces the need for a central listening location. These speakers ensure uniform high frequency sound dispersion over a 180 degree angle. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) manages three distinct audio functions, and Sound Focus enables the listener to optimize the Advanced Sound System for various occupants in the car. You can choose between front, driver, rear, and all seat settings. The Volume normalization of the Advanced Sound System is continually adjusted according to the vehicle's speed, fan and other noise present in the vehicle cabin. Additionally, the ICEpower amplifier’s compact design offers impressive power output necessary for the crisp, clear sound of the Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System.
Interior Ambient Lighting [4]
Open the door and the advanced LED lights illuminate the cabin until the doors are closed and locked. They also illuminate a particular area when a door remains open. Customize your lights by selecting a brightness setting in four distinct zones, and a color theme, ivory, polar or ruby.
Available Rear Seating Packages [5]
The A8 L offers two optional rear seating packages for optimum passenger comfort and luxury.
The Comfort Package includes a number of thoughtful features designed to enhance your driving experience. Those include convenient power rear seats with memory. The rear lumbar support offers enhanced comfort while seat ventilation for front and rear seats ensures year round driving pleasure. Four zone climate control ensures an ideal cabin environment. Rear vanity mirrors and door panel storage spaces add convenience.
The Executive Rear Seating Package includes the Comfort Package as well as the added benefit of power rear single seats with memory for personalized comfort. A fixed leather rear center console, integrated foot rests for rear passengers with one being an executive seat with power foot rest and Valcona leather for both front and rear seats offer a more luxurious driving experience. A refrigerator is also included for added convenience. The rear seat entertainment system includes two 10" LCD screens and a DVD player.
Rear seat entertainment with dual 10" screens and DVD single slot [5]
The luxurious rear cabin offers a number of thoughtful features including a single slot DVD and dual 10" LCD screens situated on the back of the front seats. Each passenger has access to their own media controls located on the center armrest.
Available Solar Sunroof 
The light-sensitive elements under the glass convert sunlight to electricity that powers a ventilator inside the vehicle creating a constant stream of fresh air–even when the ignition is off. This results in a temperature reduction of up to 50% on warm days.
Three-spoke, Multi-function Steering Wheel with Shift Paddles
The three-spoke, leather-wrapped, multifunction steering wheel standard on the A8 provides easy access to audio volume control, Bluetooth® operation, and radio and CD track selection. Also included are shift paddles allowing for rapid track-like gear changes.
 future model
Audi xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights
Audi xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights
The signature LED daytime running lights and high-intensity headlights not only add a distinct look to the vehicle, they also improve visibility while using half of the energy of conventional bulbs.
Three-spoke, sport, multifunction, leather-wrapped steering wheel with controls for audio volume, Bluetooth® phone and audio seek functions
Three-spoke, sport, multifunction, leather-wrapped steering wheel with controls for audio volume, Bluetooth® phone and audio seek functions

The three-spoke, leather-wrapped, multifunction steering wheel provides easy access to audio volume control, Bluetooth® operation, and radio and CD track selection. Also included are shift paddles allowing for rapid track-like gear changes.

19" ten-spoke Y design aluminum alloy wheels with all-season tires
19" ten-spoke Y design aluminum alloy wheels with all-season tires
The luxurious appearance of these 19" wheels with all-season tires offer a refined complement to the style of the A8. 

ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
ESP helps ensure your vehicle maintains the intended direction of travel by continuously adjusting a number of drivetrain variables.
Audi adaptive air suspension
Audi adaptive air suspension
This option is an electronically controlled, continuously adaptive air suspension system at all four wheels.  It offers a more responsive ride over a variety of terrain.
LED taillights
LED taillights
LED lights are superior to conventional bulbs, thanks to faster activation speeds and bright light emissions. In addition, they can last an entire vehicle lifetime and consume up to 50 percent less energy while adding a signature look to your Audi.
Audi drive select
Audi drive select
Exclusive to Audi, this system provides advanced control of the vehicle’s adaptive suspension, dynamic steering, transmission shift characteristics and engine response. The system offers hundreds distinct driving configurations, allowing drivers to configure vehicle drive characteristics exactly to their liking with their choice of Comfort, Auto, Dynamic or Individual settings.
MMI® Navigation including MMI touch
MMI® Navigation including MMI touch
MMI® Navigation plus features an 8" high-resolution full-color LCD screen that emerges from the dash upon vehicle ignition. Groundbreaking MMI® touch includes a revolutionary touchpad that interprets handwritten inputs, while dedicated buttons can be programmed for commonly used controls.  MMI control logic is equipped with the latest generation of MMI, powered by a 40-GB hard drive and an NVIDIA® processor to enhance graphics. This generation MMI offers HD Radio™ Technology and a color driver information system, real-time traffic, and 3D topography graphics that include the buildings in many cities and the crystal clear digital AM and FM sound of HD Radio Technology with over 1,000 new stations. Also included is voice control for navigation and telephone functions.
LED ambient interior lighting
LED ambient interior lighting
Advanced, customizable LED lights highlight the cabin of the A8. Select the brightness in four distinct interior areas with your choice of ivory, polar or ruby lighting hues.
Power rear window sunshade
Power rear window sunshade
The power rear window sunshade is deployed with a touch of a button. All shades offer an additional level of protection from the sun.
Audi pre sense basic
Audi pre sense basic
Standard Audi pre sense utilizes exclusive Audi safety technologies that proactively identify and alert you to approaching danger and prepare to help protect you in the event of an accident.
Audi music interface with iPod® integration
Audi music interface with iPod® integration
This connective technology offers intelligent integration with the iPod® and iPhone®. Any iPod Generation 4 and higher may be connected through the glove box, providing full iPod controls on the MMI® screen. This feature allows connection of a USB flash drive or a conventional auxiliary audio input as well.
18-way power seats
18-way power seats
The 18-way power seats come equipped with a memory system and adjustment for forward/backward position, seat height, seat and backrest angle and electric lumbar support
HomeLink® universal remote
HomeLink® universal remote
HomeLink® is integrated into the overhead controls and uses a simple three-button system to control garage doors, gates and even lights in your home.
The Bluetooth® hands-free phone interface allows you to pair a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone with your Audi and access your phonebook within the driver information display in your instrument panel.  For specific compatibility and operation, refer to or contact your local Audi dealer for ht latest listing of compatible phones.
HD Radio™ Technology

HD Radio™ Technology
HD RadioTM Technology and SIRIUS® Satellite Radio tuning, MMI allows you to tune the receiver by scrolling through your preset radio stations; adjust the audio settings, and customize the listening experience by tailoring the speaker output.

2003 Audi A8 Interior View Dashboard